20th January 2016

In 2012 and after 8 years, our small team decided to turn our backs on the typical ‘test consultancy’ model that dominated the industry. This model is the glorified recruiter, an army of agency sales executives who rely upon a database of CVs to place testers into roles. Sure, this solves a resource problem but it doesn’t give peace of mind to those who are owning and developing a product that the supplied contractor or agency know what they are doing or take any accountability for what is delivered.

The model we set out to create was one that focused on developing our own capabilities, our own people, our own track record and a service that would become enviable within the testing community. We changed our sales tactics, moving away from do you need a tester to what are your challenges and problems, we hired some very good senior consultants and engineers who started to create IP such as Test Automation Frameworks and we began to create a community by connecting with some cool people and companies, attending and hosting events and living in a world of PoCs where we would tryout every tool under the sun.

After a year we had doubled in size. Fantastic! We had a close knit team who had the ‘we’re in this together’ attitude and by whatever means we will deliver and impress; money, careers, benefits etc. weren’t mentioned. We then doubled again and double again over the next 3 years so in 2015 we hit 30+. However, with such fast growth, new people and lots of client work, we suddenly got hit with the realisation that we are now a proper company and we had to start to think about ‘can we run a business in excel?’, ‘do we need a H&S policy?’, ‘what’s our induction and PDP process?’, ‘someone resigned!’ and ‘does the beer fridge really need a lock?’.

Despite being registered in 2004, MagenTys was created in 2015!

2015 was the year we appointed an MD, welcomed in an NED, had a board meeting!, started monitoring KPIs, began internal training programmes, implemented HR, Finance and other operational systems and established ourselves as leaders in what we do.

We now have a great team of people that are the MagenTys family and brand, we have solid foundations and we all carry the excitement of knowing that we are just starting on our journey.

If you deliver a service or product that you’ve stopped believing in, are in an industry that you feel has stagnated or the future isn’t looking great, it’s not too late! Use the experience you have gained and turn that into something fresh and if you have the passion like we have then it’s very likely it will be a success or at least more enjoyable…life’s too short.

About Liam McDowell
Liam tries to keep our clients happy. He is a complete control freak so don't touch his suite of pens, cutlery or dare to sit in his chair!