5th January 2016

I’m just heading into six months at MagenTys where I’ve been gaining experience in Testing, building up my skill set and seeing how the industry works – and I have to admit I am surprised by what it involves and how interesting it can be.

If I am honest, software testing didn’t initially appeal to me, and it’s only been over the past couple of months where I have realised how much more there is to it. MagenTys started me off with a formal industry standard training course to get the basics in. Being part of the whole process from beginning to end, from an idea going through each of its stages into a final product was a rewarding experience which highlighted my value to the team. If you Google ‘Different types of software testing’ you will see how diverse the subject it is. It is this diversity and its importance that makes it such an interesting day to day challenge. The more I learn the more interesting it becomes, and as MagenTys specialise in Automation & BDD – it has been a really good opportunity to learn from experts around Test Automation.

Automation Testing involves programming well organised scripts that automatically run through software to check the quality of the product, rather than the time consuming task of someone manually testing the software. Due to the reduced time and energy spent on some of the more repetitive tasks and its efficiency, Automation is rapidly becoming the industry standard. For me, Automation is when Testing can get really exciting and my knowledge base really starts to increase.

I have already had the opportunity to work on automation for a project, where I’ve been able to utilize what I learnt at University on command line and Java. Being able to implement what I have learnt and transfer it into situations in the real world completely opened my mind up about the subject and made everything a lot easier to understand from more established working professionals. I am fortunate that what I learnt in the classroom has a practical application in the workplace which isn’t always the case.

I’ve worked with a few different clients now, and when I talk to my friends they are all jealous about how it sounds here. There’s a nice balance with being in a friendly and relaxed environment, but still serious about quality and meeting deadlines. From what I hear, this isn’t that common in work environments, but it seems to be a frequent thing with MagenTys. Working with clients that work in ‘Agile’ teams I think plays a huge part in this, as work is a lot more enjoyable when the work to be completed is organised and collaborative. Co-operating frequently in teams ensures this and makes sure that everyone on the team is on the same wavelength. If you’re communicating frequently it allows support from team members making you feel a lot more comfortable at work.

If you are  interested in the programming side of testing, and are completely new to programming, I’d advise taking the CS50 course. It’s free to take and you are taught by Harvard lecturers and can work through exercises as you learn. I wouldn’t worry too much about which language it is that you need to learn, because they’re all very transferable!:


There’s also loads of interesting courses on there such as learning Linux command line which will also be useful to know too. https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-linux-linuxfoundationx-lfs101x-2


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