2nd April 2015

Western Australia’s first and only testing conference was back for 2015 and our very own Hamish Tedeschi presented.

Hamish‘s talk focused on the rise of DevOps and what that means to Testing in the modern era. Firstly though,┬áhe┬ádefined his idea of DevOps and then talked about how teams can enable a DevOps culture by providing the right skills, tools and environment to eventually deliver continuously. Testing plays a pivotal role in the world of continuous delivery, but is widely misunderstood. Gone are the traditional ideas of testers being gatekeepers and assurers of quality, but instead enablers of teams, to deliver quicker by providing information at every step of the journey. The idea that testing is removed as a bottleneck as teams adopt the concept of ‘failing fast’ to provide information on progress, whilst real testing is conducted in a timely manner.

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