Speed Is The New Gold

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I recently had a colleague present a talk on ‘Speed is the new black’. What he means by this is that speed is sexy, it is ‘in’. I agree, it certainly is in. But speed without quality is just accelerated rubbish.

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????? = Continuous Quality

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These days, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment (CD too) are common buzzwords. The fact of the matter is that CI has been around forever – well the term has been around for well over 20 years, anyway. CI is all about merging code often to get continual and early feedback. Continuous […]

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Introducing CyanTys!

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MagenTys would like to thank everyone who took an interest and suggested names for our mascot. We have had some lively debates on what would suit as well as some modifications to the design so we can bring it to life through Mugs, T-Shirts, Videos and more. So…..welcome CyanTys; the brains and brawn behind our services […]

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