Speed Is The New Gold

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I recently had a colleague present a talk on ‘Speed is the new black’. What he means by this is that speed is sexy, it is ‘in’. I agree, it certainly is in. But speed without quality is just accelerated rubbish.

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The 12 Year Old Start-UP

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In 2012 and after 8 years, our small team decided to turn our backs on the typical ‘test consultancy’ model that dominated the industry.

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Automation With A Human Touch

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Automation is certainly a buzzword at the moment. Whether it be automation of a business process through technology, or automation of technical software development tasks such as testing or deployment of software. The digital age has highlighted that every company can reduce costs by automating mundane, repeatable tasks and leaving the more intelligent and interesting […]

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The Junior Engineer Life at MagenTys

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I’m just heading into six months at MagenTys where I’ve been gaining experience in Testing, building up my skill set and seeing how the industry works – and I have to admit I am surprised by what it involves and how interesting it can be. If I am honest, software testing didn’t initially appeal to […]

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Hamish Tedeschi Nominated for 40under40 Awards

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We are really happy to announce that Hamish Tedeschi our MD in Australia has been nominated this year for the 40under40 Awards. Hamish is MD for Australia and is a regular speaker and blogger on the BDD and DevOps circuit. He likes BBQ’s, Surfing and can’t help singing Disney songs all day long”. I guess […]

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CukeUp 2015 Australia

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The very first Australian CukeUp is now done. dusted. Well, at least for a year (I hope!). What a ride it was organising this two day conference in Sydney. Firstly, I’d like to thank all the people involved in putting this together (you know who you are), including the speakers, the sponsors and also our […]

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Death To Test Strategies

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I read a post the other day on LinkedIn which talked about the criticality of having a good test strategy. Before I get castigated online, I agree. I agree that for every successful product being built, the team needs to have consciously thought about its approach to testing. The mere fact of thinking about what […]

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Cambridge Meetup Summary

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We held our very first Cambridge Meetup at Clare College, Cambridge University last Thursday and had some really interesting discussions on the topics our speakers presented. Our first speaker was Jonny Wooldridge, CTO of The Cambridge Satchel Company (CSC) and he discussed how during his time there, the landscape of the DevOps team and technology […]

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Using BDD To Bridge The Testing Gap

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Richard McIntyre is an agile testing trainer and coach. He has been involved in delivering projects for the likes of BBC Sport, iPlayer, William Hill and EE. He is currently contracted to Sky in Leeds working mostly with Ruby and JavaScript. Whilst at the BBC he authored the language agnotic BDD framework called ShouldIt? He spent 15 […]

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Automation isn’t Testing

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I am a manual tester, does that mean I am an old dinosaur from an era long gone? does that mean my skills and experience are no longer valid? At times it feels that way, mostly when looking for a job, if you ever find yourself in that position you will find many many testing […]

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Introducing CyanTys!

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MagenTys would like to thank everyone who took an interest and suggested names for our mascot. We have had some lively debates on what would suit as well as some modifications to the design so we can bring it to life through Mugs, T-Shirts, Videos and more. So…..welcome CyanTys; the brains and brawn behind our services […]

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To Standardise Or Not To Standardise

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When Appium was founded, we decided to reuse the Selenium JSON-wire protocol for several reasons; the most important being that we didn’t want to lock people into our tool. By choosing an existing (pending) W3C standard, we were able to reuse the existing language bindings maintained primarily by the Selenium project. These bindings were already […]

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You Will Find Us On G Cloud 6

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  The UK government announced its G Cloud 6 framework going live this week. The latest incarnation of the framework. MagenTys offer all of our services to the public sector through this with those needing a service searching for solutions amongst the vendors. A rigorous application process has seen MagenTys sit alongside a prestigious list […]

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Collaborative or DDT Automation?

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Over the last few years I have seen most of the organisations I work with choosing one of two main emerging paths within the test automation world. The first path is one I like to call “Collaborative Empowerment” and the second I call “Domain Driven Testing”. Collaborative Empowerment It can be argued the first path […]

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