Mission Pattern: Let’s Create Fluent Automation APIs

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The Need for Fluent APIs ‘Automation, automation, automation’. It seems to be one of the prevailing mottos of most agile projects I worked for. And rightly so, it makes perfect sense in the era of software and web revolution for us developers to write software that tests software. At the same time, automation brings a […]

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MagenTys at YOW! West 2015

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MagenTys, a testing services company based in Surrey, London and Perth proudly supported YOW! West 2015 as a sponsor and partner. YOW! West in Perth, Australia was a highly successful conference with knowledge rich local and international speakers gracing the stage for two full days. It was great to see the high level of energy […]

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Agile Commercial Teams | Part Two

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A couple of months ago we decided to follow our technical teams and give agile a go for sales and marketing. The first fortnightly sprint was a success as it brought the team together and gave a common aim that we worked towards and achieved. However, we failed miserably for the following 3 sprints! Here come […]

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CukeUp! 2015

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Last Friday was my first experience of CukeUp! and it proved to be a lively and thought-provoking day. First up was Dan North, who I had been looking forward to hearing. The theme of his presentation was how easy it is for the principles behind the Agile manifesto to become just another set of processes […]

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Agile Commercial Teams | Part One

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As a company who lives and breathes agile through BDD and DevOps across our technical functions I thought it was about time that us commercial guys follow suit. We’re quite a lean commercial team as it is; we all get involved in sales, marketing, events and whatever needs to be done. This is great if […]

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You Will Find Us On G Cloud 6

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  The UK government announced its G Cloud 6 framework going live this week. The latest incarnation of the framework. MagenTys offer all of our services to the public sector through this with those needing a service searching for solutions amongst the vendors. A rigorous application process has seen MagenTys sit alongside a prestigious list […]

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The Great Re-Shoring Initiative

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In January 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, in a speech at the Davos World Economic Forum, said that Britain was about to embark on an initiative to make the country the “Re-Shore Nation.” The view was that with rapidly rising costs in the emerging markets [mostly referring to India and China], services that had […]

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Agile is Awesome

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I won’t say that Agile is the be-all and end-all but done well, it’s awesome, delivering faster time to market. Done wrong it can be awful though, and I have seen everything in projects from complete success to complete failures. Of course there are some differing definitions of Agile. Some people say they ‘do’ Agile […]

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