1st August 2017

In 2014, MagenTys made the bold move to set up in Perth, supporting one of the original founders Hamish in his desire to move back to Australia. Whilst it wasn’t first on the list of global tech hubs, it turned out to be a smart move.

Hamish landed as a lone soldier and rapidly created an army of DevOps experts who have cornered not only the Perth software industry but also Melbourne and Sydney with some big client projects and running events such as CukeUp and BDD Kickstarts.

In the same time period, the UK business has tripled in headcount and revenue and we are firmly established as leaders in BDD, Testing and DevOps consultancy through our exceptional standards of delivery and thought leadership at events like Agile Delivery 

Being an SME / Start Up is hard but fun, being a global SME / Start Up is challenging and sometimes confusing when there are different markets and different services to be delivered, yet trying to have a single consistent brand and proposition.

So whilst both the UK and Australia are excelling, we feel the time has come for us to divide and conquer. We, in the UK, will remain as MagenTys but our Australian team has spun out as its own entity with a cool re-brand to Mechanical Rock!

Both MagenTys and Mechanical Rock will remain as partners, collaborating on Open Source projects and other industry initiatives. We wish the team in Australia the very best of luck in their new journey to becoming Australia’s No.1 DevOps expert consultancy.

Liam & Marv

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