3rd November 2015

We hosted our third Retail Innovation event at the Club Workspace in Clerkenwell, with our 3 industry experts Joel Turner: Director of Strategy at Digital Agency Mentally Friendly, Stephen Williams, VP of Engineering at Ticketmaster and Dr Naghman Khan: Business Development Manager at IES Ltd a company that develops strategies to help transform buildings into being more energy efficient. The talks focused around different aspects of e-commerce, customer experience and how DevOps helped the Ticketmaster team.

First up was Joel with his presentation on “Blurring The Line Between Online and Offline Commerce Experiences”. With a number of years of experience working in the retail industry, his first case study discussed “how do we connect the on with the offline, converting foot traffic into online sales?” This case study looked at Westfield StyleStream, which allowed consumers to be a stylist by picking out an outfit which would then be sent out on a runway at the store. This experience led to a 45{af8723c1f93a301e238482aef44e60fee0ab7def501262309d53fe66a24bb326} increase is sales over a 3 month period. Joel explained how a digital campaign strategy that may initially seem to be way of increasing online sales, created a PR buzz which had a knock on effect on consumers when it came to purchasing offline. The second case study looked at bed company AH BEARD and how a carefully planned AdWord campaign and a 6 Week Sleep Challenge competition greatly increased sales and visits to the site but also increased the awareness of their brand for in-store purchases.

Our second presentation by Steve looked at how having a standardised language can help break down silos, improve communication and deliver stability, reliability and quality to maximise business value. Continuous deployment was important here and careful planning and having shared goals with the Ticketmaster team allowed them to be flexible. Standardisation and simplification of tools & defined key specification allowed them to need less support and gave an ease of sharing knowledge and skills. All these things lent themselves to a smooth transition with the processes and changes that were being undertaken.

Dr Naghman Khan from IES Ltd wrapped up our event with a presentation on “How Retail Store Design Enhances Customer Experience”. The talk focused on how companies can make their stores better and smarter to enhance the customer experience to increase profits. The first case study looked at how lighting in a building can affect a customer. Retailers using daylighting saw an increase in sales of between 28-49{af8723c1f93a301e238482aef44e60fee0ab7def501262309d53fe66a24bb326} and these conditions combined business strategy with consumer psychology to drive up profits. The positive impact daylight and simulation of it makes people want to part with their cash through positive association and it allowed the retailer to create an environment that reinforces the company’s style and branding.

You can check out Joel and Naghman’s slides with their other case studies below with Steve’s being added at a later date.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that came to the event and our sponsors, Mentally Friendly and IES Ltd who helped us with the costs of the night. The pizza and beer was on them!

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