25th August 2017

As we draw closer to this year’s Agile Delivery Conference, we are pleased to announce a new speaker and sponsor to this year’s line-up!

Welcome, Ben Lidgey, Head of Development at Companies House!

Ben has over 20 years experience in the delivery of large scale and business critical projects and products with internal, external and blended teams. He has worked in a range of innovative areas including media streaming, mobile and telecoms, Government, Fintech and Banking.
This has required defining and changing organisational design, leading and developing digital teams to increase efficiency and quality while reducing costs, improving team culture and morale, often by using appropriate principles and techniques from technical, leadership, agile and DevOps.

We also welcome SODA as official sponsors at this year’s conference. SODA pride themselves on being the best boutique digital talent agency in London. They specialise in finding great candidates for excellent roles right across the digital spectrum. Learn more about SODA here.


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