11th December 2014

MagenTys has been using Appium for a good while now and it is a key component in the services we offer a number of clients. We like it so much we’ve built it into our own framework which demonstrates how highly we regard it.

Appium creator Dan Cueller had an ‘Inaugural Meetup’, to sign off the year and two of our Testers, James Goddard and Lewis Magri were in attendance. Dan urged members of the audience to not be afraid when it comes to posing new ideas and advised that getting the idea out there to the wider world, (it’s where you are mostly likely to find people with similar ideas to you) is a good first step. The sharing and learning through people with similar or even different ideas is something MagenTys definitely encourages as we have always tried to push positive collaboration in the industry.

The chance to learn straight from the man that created the framework itself was a great opportunity and he spoke about how to utilise Appium to its fullest capabilities while also dispelling any myths during the presentation. This was followed by a video call with the Project Leader of Appium in San Francisco, Johnathan Lipps who took questions from the audience on a number of current topics. His responses were very informative and were put simply so beginners could easily comprehend the answers but also provided insight for the more seasoned and experienced members who were present.

People new to using Appium may wonder ‘Where is a good place to start with?’ Jonathan advised that documentation and the client GUI they currently have on their Git Hub repositories are very well established, and along with the support from the fantastic community, uptake of it for those who are semi-technical should be an easy transition. The use of opensource frameworks is something MagenTys has long championed and that is why the learning resources Appium offers to new and experienced users struck such a chord with us.




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