25th July 2017

Join our expert trainers and mentors for a 3-day intense hands-on boot camp to help you build the foundations for shipping better software, faster. This course is primarily aimed at Testers and Developers who want to get going with BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), Test Automation and JIRA, however, it is also suitable for others such as BA’s, Product Owners, CTO’s etc. Who wants to introduce to optimal ways of working.

Upon completion of the Quickstart Bootcamp, you will:

  • Understand the importance of BDD for better requirements
  • Know how to execute an Example Mapping session
  • Setup a stable and scalable Test Automation Framework
  • Setup a real-time test dashboard
  • Script and run tests using Selenium, Cucumber and Jenkins
  • Install and configure JIRA
  • Setup a JIRA project for Scrum and Kanban
  • Setup and customise JIRA dashboards
  • Top tips for JIRA good practice

BDD Quickstart

Introduction to BDD and structured practices for an end-to-end process from requirements, through development to testing and delivery. We’ll teach you Example Mapping – a powerful technique to help business, Dev and QA specify requirements with concrete examples. This exposes misunderstandings early and helps you write better executable specifications and reusable, reliable automated tests later.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Roles and responsibilities on a BDD team
  • Using Example Mapping to achieve a shared understanding
  • The importance of Rules and Examples in clearly defining the requirements that underly BDD features and scenarios
  • A structured end-to-end process for BDD

Test Automation Quickstart

Getting started with test automation through the right tooling and good practice. We’ll be getting you setup with an Open Source and user-friendly Java, Selenium and Cucumber enabled test automation framework and teaching you how to script in Java, even if you’ve never seen a piece of code before!

  • No coding skills required
  • You’ll generate a fully functional template project with examples included by using the maven archetype, then you are ready to start writing and implementing scenarios immediately
  • You will have written your first automated test, run it and delivered reporting via a dashboard
  • You will have everything you need to get going in your own environment

JIRA Quickstart

You’ll setup and configure JIRA to understand the power of workflows, automation and better reporting:

  • Setup JIRA Cloud Trial
  • Customise workflows
  • Setup Dashboards
  • Good practice guide


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