26th November 2015

The very first Australian CukeUp is now done. dusted. Well, at least for a year (I hope!).

What a ride it was organising this two day conference in Sydney. Firstly, I’d like to thank all the people involved in putting this together (you know who you are), including the speakers, the sponsors and also our awesome volunteers. In true Agile spirit we had an amazing self organising team who took initiative and got the job done – despite temperatures hitting a record 42 degrees on the second day. A special thanks to the Cucumber team for allowing me along on the ride. Also Ben and Tim from MagenTys for their dedication to the cause.

Whilst it is a completely different dynamic being at a conference and attending or speaking than organising it, I did manage to catch some of the workshops and most of the talks. The keynote from Sharon Robson was one that stood out for me. The idea of starting with the end goal in mind is something that I will be applying going forth with nearly everything I do. I also really liked Matt Wynne’s Example Mapping too – such a simple technique but really valuable in understanding the key areas that need to be drawn out. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sit through the entire workshop as duty called, but I did manage to glean a few key takeaways.

Whilst for the rest of the talks and workshops, I may not have learnt a great deal, it is always nice to have what you know or what you are doing validated by other professionals. Personally, I was a little disappointed in my own talk as I left out some key elements I was planning to discuss, however, the situation got the better of me. For me, the key idea is the misunderstanding of testing and testing activities and how they fit in with, or could fit in with BDD. Whilst Testing can exist without BDD, the inverse is not true. If you think about the testing pyramid in terms of a design tool, then it is probably still valid. But as a heuristic for testing, I would say it is dated and needs to be re-thought. I am happy that it provoked discussion, though, as the worst thing I could have achieved is to have everyone agree with me. I still believe that for a continuous deployment context we should follow a typical pyramid approach, but in many cases it may not make sense. It was also good to see Gokjo Adzic also echoing my sentiments in his latest newsletter.

For now we return to real life and the projects in flight which must be delivered. I hope to be involved in the next CukeUp and bring a larger team from MagenTys, with new ideas to discuss in more depth and meet friends past or new.


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