6th March 2015

DevOps is getting a lot of people talking in the technology industry and MagenTys hosted an event last night on, “The Challenges of Enterprise DevOps in Finance Technology”. At The Google Campus, we had a night of talks, drinks and a panel debate where the key obstacles the finance technology industry were faced were explored.


Our first speaker was John Stinson, who kicked off the event by talking about one of pillars of DevOps, Test Automation. John has led QA at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan and he addressed the common challenges that are faced in implementing a test automation culture and how to overcome them. The perception of the finance industry being dependent on legacy systems was a key talking point, but John highlighted how the industry can adopt better practices to enable enterprise DevOps.

CTO of Fedr8, Rhys Sharp presented on how to transform legacy applications into the cloud”. It’s not surprising that 86{af8723c1f93a301e238482aef44e60fee0ab7def501262309d53fe66a24bb326} of applications are not in the cloud but 80{af8723c1f93a301e238482aef44e60fee0ab7def501262309d53fe66a24bb326} of organisations wanted them to be and the challenge is how can they do this without posing huge risks to business contuinity.

Following more beers, “What is BDD? And How Can You Get The Most Out Of It In Financial Services?” was delivered by Kostas Mamalis.  ‘Communication is key’, BDD helps bridge gaps in communication which was not always the case due to a lack of a common language. Too many people write BDD but don’t get the tests right so they end up with an automated UI instead of a suite of regression tests

We wrapped up the night with a heated Q&A panel with our presenters and the audience. This led to ‘what is really an Agile team…’ listen to the podcast to hear more

A big thank you also goes out to our sponsors: Fedr8 and Crane Software.

A final shout out goes to NRJ Drinks who supplied us with the natural fruit energy drinks for the night.

We will have links to each presentation below soon and a podcast of Kostas’ presentation soon. Join our Meetup group to be updated on future events.

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