16th July 2015

We held our very first Cambridge Meetup at Clare College, Cambridge University last Thursday and had some really interesting discussions on the topics our speakers presented.

Our first speaker was Jonny Wooldridge, CTO of The Cambridge Satchel Company (CSC) and he discussed how during his time there, the landscape of the DevOps team and technology department had changed. From his experience as the head of web engineering at M&S he was able to build a team at CSC that dramatically increased the company’s output in 2014. The strategy he used came with some changes in infrastructure. Although this offered challenges, the outcome meant that it was a step in the right direction due to the growth and demand the company was experiencing.

Our next presentation was by doctoral researcher Ed Oughton and he discussed ‘The Impact of fixed and mobile broadband on firms’. With the increasing reliance on the cloud in the current digital landscape, the quality of broadband available to offer a service can make or break a business. If the service offered is heavily reliant on this, an effective infrastructure needs to be in place to support it. Ed discussed how investment in broadband geographically is leading to technology hubs being built in the large cities but due to internet speeds catching up in more suburban areas businesses aren’t tied into working from these ‘hubs’. The infrastructure in place in the UK has been around since the early 1920s so a vast upgrade would be needed to match the speeds that are available in countries such as the USA.

The final presentation was by Carl Bruiners, Head of DevOps and Agile Coach at MagenTys, titled ‘DevOps & The Mysterious Pipeline’. Carl looked at what was needed to build a successful DevOps team and explored the importance of gates when a piece of software went from an engineer to being live. There were a number of stages that would have to be passed before a consumer or client would be using the software to assure quality and detect defects. Consumers want updates and new features as soon as possible and the pipeline would make continuous delivery and integration an easier and more streamlined task for the firm.

We have Carl’s & Ed’s presentation below for you to have a look at if you missed it with Jonny’s soon to follow.
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