MagenTys at YOW! West 2015

June 5 | No Comments on MagenTys at YOW! West 2015

MagenTys, a testing services company based in Surrey, London and Perth proudly supported YOW! West 2015 as a sponsor and partner. YOW! West in Perth, Australia was a highly successful conference with knowledge rich local and international speakers gracing the stage for two full days. It was great to see the high level of energy […]

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May 18 | No Comments on BDD Q&A

BDD is not a test automation tool.  Automation is a by-product.  BDD is about capturing the intended behaviour of the system.  The feature files produced should form the basis of a number of testing activities. They should be developed by the team, not just the testers They form the basis of automated scripts for demonstrating that functionality […]

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Introducing CyanTys!

May 8 | No Comments on Introducing CyanTys!

MagenTys would like to thank everyone who took an interest and suggested names for our mascot. We have had some lively debates on what would suit as well as some modifications to the design so we can bring it to life through Mugs, T-Shirts, Videos and more. So…..welcome CyanTys; the brains and brawn behind our services […]

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Agile Commercial Teams | Part Two

May 6 | No Comments on Agile Commercial Teams | Part Two

A couple of months ago we decided to follow our technical teams and give agile a go for sales and marketing. The first fortnightly sprint was a success as it brought the team together and gave a common aim that we worked towards and achieved. However, we failed miserably for the following 3 sprints! Here come […]

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Continuous Improvement – Gravy train of excuses?

April 17 | No Comments on Continuous Improvement – Gravy train of excuses?

I wrote this in 2012, originally published on my old site before GoDaddy killed it by mistake, and reviewing my drafts I thought I’d add a small update about the debacle that is SaFE and then publish it again. I’ve even left in parts that have now evolved, but it is a good reference point […]

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To Standardise Or Not To Standardise

April 2 | No Comments on To Standardise Or Not To Standardise

When Appium was founded, we decided to reuse the Selenium JSON-wire protocol for several reasons; the most important being that we didn’t want to lock people into our tool. By choosing an existing (pending) W3C standard, we were able to reuse the existing language bindings maintained primarily by the Selenium project. These bindings were already […]

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CukeUp! 2015

April 2 | No Comments on CukeUp! 2015

Last Friday was my first experience of CukeUp! and it proved to be a lively and thought-provoking day. First up was Dan North, who I had been looking forward to hearing. The theme of his presentation was how easy it is for the principles behind the Agile manifesto to become just another set of processes […]

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TestWest 2015: DevOps, What Is It?

April 2 | No Comments on TestWest 2015: DevOps, What Is It?

Western Australia’s first and only testing conference was back for 2015 and our very own Hamish Tedeschi presented. Hamish‘s talk focused on the rise of DevOps and what that means to Testing in the modern era. Firstly though, he defined his idea of DevOps and then talked about how teams can enable a DevOps culture by providing […]

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Name Our Mascot

April 1 | No Comments on Name Our Mascot

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We’re Exhibiting at IP Expo Manchester

March 31 | No Comments on We’re Exhibiting at IP Expo Manchester

MagenTys are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at IP EXPO Manchester on 20th May. Come and see us on Stand B196 to find out what we do for Manchester based companies like Missguided and Aldermore and other UK companies such as M&S, Bank of America and ustwo. IP EXPO Manchester is the new launch […]

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Bring CukeUp to Oz

March 30 | No Comments on Bring CukeUp to Oz

We’d like to organise our own CukeUp in Australia. If you think that sounds like a good idea then tell us more.

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Agile Commercial Teams | Part One

March 16 | No Comments on Agile Commercial Teams | Part One

As a company who lives and breathes agile through BDD and DevOps across our technical functions I thought it was about time that us commercial guys follow suit. We’re quite a lean commercial team as it is; we all get involved in sales, marketing, events and whatever needs to be done. This is great if […]

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The Challenges Of Enterprise DevOps in Finance Technology

March 6 | 1 Comment on The Challenges Of Enterprise DevOps in Finance Technology

DevOps is getting a lot of people talking in the technology industry and MagenTys hosted an event last night on, “The Challenges of Enterprise DevOps in Finance Technology”. At The Google Campus, we had a night of talks, drinks and a panel debate where the key obstacles the finance technology industry were faced were explored. […]

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You Will Find Us On G Cloud 6

February 6 | No Comments on You Will Find Us On G Cloud 6

  The UK government announced its G Cloud 6 framework going live this week. The latest incarnation of the framework. MagenTys offer all of our services to the public sector through this with those needing a service searching for solutions amongst the vendors. A rigorous application process has seen MagenTys sit alongside a prestigious list […]

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The Bugs That Stole Christmas

January 27 | No Comments on The Bugs That Stole Christmas

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The Great Re-Shoring Initiative

January 5 | 4 Comments on The Great Re-Shoring Initiative

In January 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, in a speech at the Davos World Economic Forum, said that Britain was about to embark on an initiative to make the country the “Re-Shore Nation.” The view was that with rapidly rising costs in the emerging markets [mostly referring to India and China], services that had […]

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Happy New Year 2015

January 5 | No Comments on Happy New Year 2015

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Cambridge Tech Community

December 17 | No Comments on Cambridge Tech Community

MagenTys’ position in the London Tech scene is growing and with the organisation moving forward, Cambridge has presented itself as a fantastic area for the company to grow into. There is a booming tech community and resident heavyweight tech companies situated in the region such as ARM, Red Gate and CSR saw 2013 provide huge […]

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Testers Are NOT Gatekeepers

MagenTys at the Appium Framework Meetup

December 11 | 1 Comment on MagenTys at the Appium Framework Meetup

MagenTys has been using Appium for a good while now and it is a key component in the services we offer a number of clients. We like it so much we’ve built it into our own framework which demonstrates how highly we regard it. Appium creator Dan Cueller had an ‘Inaugural Meetup’, to sign off […]

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Retail Technology Event – Wearables, Beacons and Personalisation

November 27 | 1 Comment on Retail Technology Event – Wearables, Beacons and Personalisation

On the 18th November Magentys hosted an event with Red Ant and Instoremedia discussing retail technology. Topics included: The latest in-store technologies to enhance customer experience for premium brands The importance of the multi-channel consumer The future of technology such as wearables and beacons, including personalisation with increased privacy Our first speaker Craig Smith, Digital […]

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MagenTys at the 2014 European Software Testing Awards

November 21 | No Comments on MagenTys at the 2014 European Software Testing Awards

On the 18th November MagenTys, a software testing company in Surrey, London and Perth, attended the annual TESTA (The European Software Testing Awards)at the Old Bilingsgate overlooking the Thames. We got our dinner jackets and bow ties ready for a great night celebrating achievements in testing hosted by comedian Hal Cruttendon. We were chosen as […]

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October 30 | No Comments on 20 LEADING SOFTWARE TESTING PROVIDERS 2014

MagenTys, your software testing company, have been announced as one of Europe’s Top 20 Testing Consultancies by TEST Magazine, a massive achievement for us all. Our UK team have been working hard over the past 3 years to drive innovation in testing with automation at the forefront of what we do. Open Source is the […]

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DevOps Enterprise – San Francisco

October 23 | No Comments on DevOps Enterprise – San Francisco

Software is eating the Enterprise: 10 DevOps tips to help you take control before It’s too late. By Jonny Wooldridge, CTO at Cambridge Satchel and DevOps Advisor at MagenTys Following 3.5 years building a DevOps capability and culture at M&S, Jonny will be condensing the experience down to 10 Enterprise DevOps tips that are relevant […]

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The European Software Testing Awards

October 20 | No Comments on The European Software Testing Awards

The European Software Testing Awards has announced MagenTys as finalists for Best Overall Testing Project – Retail Sector   These unique awards bring together software testing professionals to celebrate the outstanding achievements in the software testing market, for one elegant and special evening. In 2013, MagenTys had already been shortlisted for the overall testing project […]

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What are Test Automation Frameworks…Cucumber, SpecFlow etc. etc.

October 1 | No Comments on What are Test Automation Frameworks…Cucumber, SpecFlow etc. etc.

I was talking to some folks at a DevOps meet up recently and they were asking about what we (MagenTys) do. I started talking about all the great things we are doing with Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and all the tools we have developed to help support this. I was asked further about these “tools” […]

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MagenTys at eCommerce Expo

September 25 | No Comments on MagenTys at eCommerce Expo

MagenTys and AppDynamics exhibited together at eCommerce Expo on 1st and 2nd October 2014 at Kensington Olympia, London. We met some great people as part of the  eCommerce Marketplace of the Future. MagenTys helped educate visitors on boosting quality and software delivery through Testing and DevOps and AppDynamics demonstrated the you the things you need to know and should know […]

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Agile is Awesome

September 8 | 1 Comment on Agile is Awesome

I won’t say that Agile is the be-all and end-all but done well, it’s awesome, delivering faster time to market. Done wrong it can be awful though, and I have seen everything in projects from complete success to complete failures. Of course there are some differing definitions of Agile. Some people say they ‘do’ Agile […]

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International Retail Event

September 5 | No Comments on International Retail Event

MagenTys hosted an evening with cold beers and hot food (courtesy of Dyn and Rackspace, Thank You!) on International Retail on Thursday 4th September in the heart of London’s Tech City. We had some great sessions by Marks & Spencer, Rackspace, the Cambridge Satchel Company and Lingo24. Thanks to everyone who came along to listen, […]

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Collaborative or DDT Automation?

August 22 | No Comments on Collaborative or DDT Automation?

Over the last few years I have seen most of the organisations I work with choosing one of two main emerging paths within the test automation world. The first path is one I like to call “Collaborative Empowerment” and the second I call “Domain Driven Testing”. Collaborative Empowerment It can be argued the first path […]

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Best Overall Testing Finalists

January 22 | 1 Comment on Best Overall Testing Finalists

MagenTys have been announced as finalists for the The European Software Testing Awards in the Best Overall Testing Project – Finance” category. After sifting through numerous entries, and hours of deliberation, the judges chose their finalists for each category, and the winners will be announced on the 20th November at a black-tie ceremony at the […]

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