29th June 2017

To kick-off our partnership with Adventures with Agile, we co-delivered a hands-on full day workshop on Agile and BDD at Headspace in Farringdon, London.

After an injection of coffee and some pastries to start the day off right, Mike Scott, Principal Consultant at MagenTys, began the first workshop of the day. The main topic for the morning was BDD Fundamentals and Example Mapping.

Through discussion and examples, Mike showed us key areas of BDD including what is BDD, the importance storytelling and best practices. The second part of his presentation consisted of a hands-on activity, in which Mike gave a scenario and asked us how we would map the different outcomes and stories which led us to those points.

This proved to be a great workshop as it got people to really think and plan different situations to a problem, not to just think of one path.

After lunch, we moved on to the second part of the day with Adventures with Agile’s workshop. The topic for the afternoon was The Genesis of Trust: How to set a team on the path towards high-performance. Philiy, a Scrum Master and Trainer from AWA, started the workshop off with a hands-on exercise called ‘Tribes and Constellations”. This involved us gathering together in a large circle and having one person from the group step forward and say a statement true to them. For example “I love coffee” and anyone who also agreed with this statement would step forward to join them. The activity then branched out on to the distance you stood from the person was relative to how strongly you agreed to the statement.

After this, we gathered in groups for another hands-on activity focusing on identifying what makes a good team. This involved identifying the values and behaviours of a good team and placing them in groups to be sorted into categories. The final section of the afternoon was to create personal mind maps showing the factors and our interests which made us who we are.

This workshop showed us varied examples of how to get teams to open up and work together collaboratively.

Overall the day was a great success, having attendees go away with some useful knowledge and exercises to show their teams and perhaps teach them on how to work in a more organised and agile manner.

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