Atlassian Services

MagenTys have been power users of Atlassian tools for over five years and have extensive knowledge and skill of using the tools and programs with our clients and teams. Two years ago, MagenTys was invited to be an official Atlassian partner and through our skill and knowledge, our expert consultants will help you save costs, ensure tools and plug-ins are set up to suit your workflows and provide exceptional levels of support.

New to Atlassian

Interested in Atlassian tools?

Atlassian approached MagenTys to become a key Solution Partner due to our extensive expertise in similar domains and their tools. MagenTys are different to other partners as we are leaders in engineering good practice, not just resellers. Working closely with Atlassian, we are the best in the industry which enables us to deliver unrivalled services and solutions.

MagenTys offers services to help you get started with using Atlassian tools the right way, such as:



Scope & Discovery






Best Practice coaching






Existing Atlassian User

Maximise the efficiency of Atlassian tools

As we all know, when we are familiar with a tool we rely on that always being the best. This often means we miss out on what is better and more effective way of doing the job.

Through discovery sessions and assessments, MagenTys can help uncover how you should be using your Atlassian tools to their full capability. Ensuring your teams are using the features available to be efficient as possible and making sure you are getting most out of your time and investment.

MagenTys offers many services to help ensure you are using Atlassian tools to it’s fullest, such as:

















If you would like to find out more on our Atlassian services or enquire about our assessments or next workshop, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!