7th September 2017

As we countdown to Agile Delivery 2017, we would like to introduce you to our wonderful speakers and their talks!


Nick Brown – Agile Lead @ PwC

Nick has previously operated as a ScrumMaster for teams within PwC and as a ScrumMaster for Royal Mail on their Digital programme. Rather than focusing on a particular framework, Nick uses data-based coaching to help teams find a way of working based on agile values and principles, whilst maintaining the focus on the continuous flow of value to the customer.


Coaching in a data-driven world…


In a world which is becoming increasingly data-driven, it is still surprising how little teams use data.
39{af8723c1f93a301e238482aef44e60fee0ab7def501262309d53fe66a24bb326} of executives say their companies are already highly data-driven (Source: PwC), yet mention data to any ScrumMaster/Coach having conversations with the same execs and many shudders at the thought.
“Oh you’re a metrics guy…” is quite often the response one receives when working with teams and/or Scrummasters. Why is this? Is it the toxic nature that “metrics” have become synonymous with or is it because we view using data as a dangerous flirtation with placing more value in tools and processes?

This talk will challenge the taboo that data has in our industry.  Through examples of data-based coaching using visualisations of information that may typically remain hidden, I will aim to debunk the myths around metrics.  I will highlight how effective data-based coaching still has its foundations in Agile, whether it be through Scrum’s “three pillars of empiricism” or Kanban’s “scientific method”.

The aim of this session will be to come away challenging the traditional view of metrics and state the claim that if a user story is an invitation to a conversation, then the same should be said for data.

Paul Clark – CTO @ Tandem Bank

Paul has worked in digital and on the internet since the first bubble back in 1999. After the bubble, Paul went through a number of national broadcasters, building video on demand platforms, starting with Channel 4, then the BBC and finally as Digital CTO at ITV. After recognising that financial services would be the next industry disrupted by digital, Paul joined HSBC Bank as their Global Head of Engineering for Digital. Realising that HSBC would never achieve the pace of change required to be at the front of the digital disruption curve, Paul left to join Tandem Bank offering him a digital only challenge, where he’s currently the CTO.


Regular, reliable, repeatable. Agile in financial services.




Bed Lidgey – Head of Development @ Companies House

Ben has over 20 years experience in the delivery of large scale and business critical projects and products with internal, external and blended teams. He has worked in a range of innovative areas including media streaming, mobile and telecoms, Government, Fintech and Banking.

This has required defining and changing the organisational design, leading and developing digital teams to increase efficiency and quality while reducing costs, improving team culture and morale, often by using appropriate principles and techniques from technical, leadership, agile and DevOps.


DevOps in Disguise


DevOps is a term that is recognised in technical circles but not necessarily in other parts of an organisation. As culture is at the heart of successful DevOps this talk investigates some thoughts and tactics to move towards a DevOps culture in ways everyone will understand.


Jenny Martin – Agile Delivery Coach

Jenny Martin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation games. Jenny believes that great teams are built on collaboration, shared responsibility and by embracing individuality and diversity.

She has 20 years experience across multiple platforms, tools and technologies in disciplines spanning the entire software development lifecycle and a demonstrable track record of delivering complex IT systems in the customer loyalty, retail and finance sectors Jenny is a frequent speaker at Agile Testing and BDD events and provides training in collaborative software development techniques and public speaking.


Death by User Stories


Do you find that user stories grow and multiply until you can’t fit them in your iteration? Are you struggling to see the big picture? Are you lost in user story hell?

This talk examines the OOPSI technique and demonstrates how it accelerates delivery by ensuring that you are always working on the right thing and can see the bigger picture. It will give you a narrative and context for your analysis artefacts and the examples that support them.

If you’re using Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, Event Storming or BDD you’ll find this fits in really neatly with those activities.

Paul Wilford – Platform Services Group Lead @ Hiscox

Paul has worked in various positions in IT for over 15 years. Much of this time, his focus has been to specialise in software quality and Agile delivery. These days, Paul leads a talented team of DevOps specialists through an exciting and proactively disruptive journey, driving Hiscox towards better IT.


From a small experiment to “DevOps” in the cloud, making a commitment with over half a billion in turnover


Back in 2015, Hiscox took the decision to investigate what value the cloud could offer. Having assessed AWS and Azure, a second ‘phase’ was run focusing on Azure and with the simple goal of learning. In 2016 we then decided to take the next (not so) small step forward in moving our largest strategic policy administration system entirely into the cloud. Taking advantage of the transformation, we applied core principles around resilience, idempotence, immutability and a whole load of DevOps buzzwords to everything we deployed with varying degrees of success along the way. This is a talk about our journey of how and what we achieved with a legacy Java monolith – including challenges, reality checks, breakthroughs, results and a vision for the future.


Valarie Andrianova – Product Marketing Manager @ JetBrains

Valarie is the Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. At JetBrains they are passionate about creating productivity tools for professional developers and teams. Valarie specializes in team tools, team collaboration and project management methodologies. She has been a part of the YouTrack team (an issue tracker) for seven years. During this time, YouTrack has been the public issue tracker for all JetBrains teams and projects. Valarie’s role is to help different teams at JetBrains to establish the most suitable and productive process to achieve their specific goals and meet their requirements. Valarie would love to share our experience of how various teams at JetBrains, including product development, marketing, design and technical writing, manage their tasks, plan and track their work to deliver the best products for developers and teams around the world.


Baking Boards: Tweak the Recipe for Agile Development.


This is a story about how we at JetBrains “bake” agile boards for different teams: product development, marketing, design, and technical writing. I will show live examples and explain various options that support different preferences and processes for each team. This presentation will be interesting for everyone who has the drive to develop. These recipes are especially useful to anyone who thinks they don’t have or don’t need a process, or for those who do follow a process but don’t get results.
Surprisingly, this is a true sign that you understand the concept of agile-zen. Any cook can follow a standard recipe. A real chef knows how to make small adjustments that make a big impact. To build an agile practice that works for you and your team, all you’re missing is the secret ingredient.


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