Why MagenTys?


Our expert consultants and engineers work with small, medium and enterprise organisations to release better quality software, faster. We do this through strategic consultancy and hands-on delivery, helping our clients adopt good practice in quality enablement functions such as Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Testing, Test Automation and DevOps.

To help our clients and the wider community, we have developed the leading Open Source Test Automation Framework called ‘Cinnamon’ which enables teams to adopt test automation and BDD with ease, this is complemented by our ‘Cherry’ API story pattern and powerful ‘Donut’ reports.


We implement sustainable and scalable engineering solutions and efficient processes that enable teams and enterprises to get products released fast, with quality. Our engineers have expertise in Docker, Ansible, Chef, AWS, Azure, Jenkins, New Relic and many more which allows us to apply the most appropriate context-driven solutions.


  • “MagenTys helped us improve the overall UAT and regression test processes and drastically reduce the amount of internal resources required during UAT. If you want to improve your processes and be confident that you are releasing quality code, use MagenTys”

    Digital Marketing Manager

    • “MagenTys contribute significantly to the success of our major projects…they deliver a Managed Service that is a healthy blend of management and technical skills ensuring our team gain extra focus on stability and quality. They are critical in allowing us to release high quality products.”

      chief technology officer

      • “MagenTys added significant value to the test delivery of this project. Their structured approach to testing and expertise in eCommerce technologies enabled them to raise key defects and the issues found have been nothing short of forensic.”

        Director of eBusiness, eCommerce and Web

        • “MagenTys have played a pivotal role in M&S’s enterprise and digital transformation, successfully embedding a BDD & DevOps culture, process and tooling. Their team really understand how to excel at software delivery and helped us speed up project delivery from months to weeks.”

          Head of Software Engineering (Web)

            • “Having recently worked with MagenTys and users of their Cinnamon framework, we found them not only to be experts in test automation and BDD but also genuinely nice people to work with and who really care about our success.”

              Technical Director

              • “MagenTys have been helping DICE to make sure that the quality of the app, the website and our internal tools are all top notch. This has meant we’ve been able to have continuous delivery and because they are so thorough we can always ship new features and changes with confidence.”

                Chief Technology Officer

                • “MagenTys were great to work with. It can be difficult to prepare for all the ways a customer will use a SaaS product, particularly a platform like n0tice. Having a team of experienced professionals rigorously review the product gave us confidence in what we were doing”

                  GM, New Digital Businesses

                • “Magentys are a professional company with a wide range of skilled people at their disposal to work closely with customers on a number of modern software development improvements including automated testing, CI, DevOps and more.”

                  Head of Development




                  Atlassian approached MagenTys to become a key Solution Partner due to our extensive knowledge of their suite of their tools. MagenTys are different to other partners as we are leaders in engineering good practice not just resellers. Working closely with Atlassian, we are the best in the industry which enables us to deliver unrivalled services and solutions.

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                  Our Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) trainers and coaches have helped the likes of M&S, Photobox and Companies House introduce and adopt BDD to improve their product development process.  We believe in leading by-example, getting hands-on with Squads, Scrums, Product Owners and Engineering. 

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                  As a consultancy, we need to have broad and deep expertise in the latest and best tools on the market. Through our experience, we have chosen or been selected to partner with what we believe to be the leaders in software engineering excellence so we can deliver technical expertise as well as accredited training.


                  Agile Quality

                  Our test-first approach to software delivery enables us to help our clients implement quality from idea to production. We have helped companies architect and adopt automation frameworks, up-skill their teams of manual testers as well as have our experts deliver testing services for diverse projects within Finance, Legal, Retail, Media and Government.


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